Asherati are a race of desert-dwelling humanoids that can swim through the sand like fish through water.[1] They can be found in the Menechtarun desert of western Xen'drik.[2]

History Edit

A few particularly devoted among the asherati view themselves as seeds of their deity planted in the desert.[1]

Appearance & Personality Edit

Asherati look a lot like a slender human with skin the color of rust.[1] Asherati are said to have a tendency to steal from others under the cover of night. By day they are more likely to attempt to exchange goods.[1]

Asherati are usually chaotic.[1]

Abilities Edit

As dwellers in the desert wastes asherati have many abilities well-suited to this environment. Asherati do not require much water to sustain themselves and can endure high temperatures. They can swim through sand as if it was water, and are in turn vulnerable to water and drowning. Asherati can give off radiant light from their skin to use for illumination and as a dazzling effect when threatened.[1]

Society Edit

The asherati live in tight-knit communities of villages and cities underneath the sands of the desert above. Their cities are ruled by groups called the First Families, made up of prominent families who make decisions as a council.[1]

The asherati make beautiful sand sculptures.[1]

Lands Edit

Asherati are known to reside under the sands of the Menechtarun desert in Xen'drik.[2]

Notes Edit

In the core book Sandstorm, the asherati are said to worship the deity of oases called Solanil.[1] In Eberron, Solanil may be an aspect of a Sovereign, such as Arawai, given broad similarities in portfolios over life and abundance.

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