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Armands are small, plated-skinned humanoids. Nomadic in nature, the armands live in the Menechtarun desert in the south of the continent of Xen'drik. Believers in communal wealth, the armand are on good relations with the sand giants of the Golden Sargasso and the various humanoid races that live amongst the Fangs of Argarak, including the asheratis, the bhukas, the orcs, and the thri-kreen.[1][2]


The typical armand stands between 3 feet and ​6 inches​ to ​4 feet and ​ inches (1.1​ to ​1.2 meters) tall, and weighs roughly 150 pounds (68 kilograms). They are solidly built humanoids, with thick plated skin.[1]


Armands are nomads who are always off to find new experiences. They do not believe in individual wealth, and property belongs to the community. They find knowledge much more valuable than wealth, and those that have more experience than others are held in higher positions, often called "wise ones." Young armand will frequently leave their tribe, to discover their own adventures. These young armand, called "wardens," feel it is their duty to eventually return to their tribe to share their experiences. Armands are extremely patient, and will avoid combat where possible.[1]


Armands have much of the same abilities as most other humanoids. Because of their stature, they are much more stable than other humanoids, and harder to knock prone. Armands can burrow in the sand of the deserts they call home, and have darkvision.[1]



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