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Ari Marmell is an author and game designer who has worked for White Wolf, Green Ronin, Paizo and Wizards of the Coast. He has also published a number of short stories and novels.


Ari Marmell was born on March 22, 1974 in New York, though he and his family moved to Houston shortly afterwards. For the next 27 years, Ari lived in Texas, fostering a love for Dungeons & Dragons after attaining his first D&D book (the AD&D Players Handbook) at age 9. Ari graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Houston in 1996, married his college girlfriend George in March 1997.

After college, Ari entered the world of writing novels, producing four novels before getting involved in the world of role-playing games through a meeting with Justin Achilli, a developer for White Wolf. Since then, he has worked for a number of RPG publishers as a freelance writer.

He and George moved to Austin in mid-2001, where live there today along with a large orange cat named Leloo and a smaller gray cat named Pippin. His first published novel, Gehenna: The Final Night, appeared on shelves in January 2004.

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