Argonth (Small Town, 1,600) is a floating city, a moving military fortress. It floats above the Brelish landscape, traveling the borders between Breland and its neighbors. Created by House Cannith during the Last War, Argonth was originally one of five such magical fortresses. Three were lost during the course of the war and the other surviving one, Dejarn, is currently employed in secret operations. Argonth travels at a steady speed of 2 miles per hour, though the speed of the facility can be increased. The town is populated by military personnel and military protocols are in force at all times aboard the structure.

Every few weeks, Argonth stops to take on supplies. When this occurs, a market grows up around the town where those nearby can come to trade and share news with the soldiers harbored within the mobile fortress. Visitors rarely receive permission to enter Argonth, so the next best thing for them is to interact with the soldiers and support personnel at a market festival.


Argonth, a mobile fortress


  • Alain ir’Ranek (LG male human, paladin 4), Argonth's captain. He leads the troops and support personnel that make up Argonth’s citizenry.
  • Big Bara (LN female personality warforged, ranger 3), commander of Bara's Breakers.
  • Eera ir'Jalon (LN female human, wizard 9), Argonth’s master of magic.
  • Finias Warhand (CG male personality warforged, wizard 2)


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