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Argonnessen is a continent to the far southeast of Khorvaire and southwest of Sarlona.[3] It is the home of dragons, the oldest civilization in the world. The continent of Argonnessen is almost totally unexplored by any race of Khorvaire, and the continent is well-protected against intruders.[3][4]


Argonnessen is one of the four major continents of Eberron. It is located in the southern hemisphere, bounded by the Dark Sea to the west, the Dragonreach and the Sea of Rage to the north, and the Sea of Lost Souls to the south east.[5][6]

Off the coast of Argonnessen lies Seren Island. Argonnessen and Seren are for the most part off limits to the "lesser races" (which includes almost everyone except a dragon). The continent and island are also inhabited by dragonborn and dragon-worshiping human barbarians, the Seren tribes.[3][1]

The mainland of Argonnessen is divided into four separate regions: the Light of Siberys, the Tapestry, the Thousand, and the Vast.[2]


Argonnessen was a sanctuary for dragons in the aftermath of the war with the fiends and Overlords. About 60,000 years ago, the dragons began to emerge from the continent to spread across Eberron, encountering a number of emerging civilizations, the largest of which were the giants. Some dragons shared their knowledge with these new civilizations, while others conquered large swathes of the world. However the conquering dragons and the rivalries and competition between dragons created by the conquests caused the Daughter of Khyber to stir, leading the Conclave to put an end to the draconic expansions.[7]

Since the, dragons have only sallied forth in large numbers from Argonnessen once, to destroy the giants of Xen'drik before they could unleash great magical power on their rebelling elf slaves.[7]


The primary government of Argonnessen is the Conclave, a meeting of dragon elders once a decade to discuss important matters such as laws, military actions, and the Draconic Prophecy.[8]

However, several other organizations also exist on the continent. These include the Eyes of Chronepsis, an organization of dragons that enforces the laws of Argonnessen, and the Light of Siberys, a military force dedicated to protecting the continent and containing the Overlords and the Lords of Dust.[8]

Many of the continent's dragons are members of a group known as the Chamber, which interprets the Draconic Prophecy and shapes the world in order to engineer certain outcomes of the Prophecy.[8][9]


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