Ardev is a small town in western Breland. It lies approximately halfway between Droaam and the Dagger River on the Orien trade road which leads to Graywall. It is a farming and ranching community situated carefully to take full advantage of the waters of Chalice Lake, the collected waters of several creeks and streams across the Ardev Expanse.

Ardev is key both as a rest stop for merchant caravans heading west, Brelish military units heading to protect the Breland-Droaam border, and as a supply market for the king's estate at Castle Arakhain. Because of its proximity to Boranel ir'Wynarn's estate, an unusually high number of Citadel agents can usually be found in the town. It is also a key departure point for prospectors and miners heading to the Graywalls for byeshk and other mineral deposits.

Orien Road DistancesEdit

Destination Distance
Graywall 316 miles
Galethspyre 175 miles


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