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Archons are a type of outsider and a force for good on the planes.[1]


There are many species of archons, including:[1]


The majority of archons are engaged in fighting the endless war for control of the plane of Shavarath against the demons and devils. While archon forces fight on the Battleground, they can also be summoned by the spellcasters of Eberron. Archons fought for the Five Nations during the Last War, though most predominantly for Thrane.[2][3] Some archons, namely lantern archons, instead dwell in Irian.[4]


During the Last War, in the year 983 YK, Thrane summoned four archons to spearhead their Great Eastern Campaign. These Archons, called the Messengers, each led a division: the Army of the Ascended, the Righteous Legion, the Legion of True Brethren, and the Army of the Eastern Crusade; and the four archons commanded 10,000 troops. The archons led the Thranes to take the cities of Eston and Kalazart. However, upon obtaining large trunks of books and scrolls, the forces withdrew to Flamekeep, and the Messengers vanished.[3]


Behind the Scenes[]

Other 3rd-edition celestial archons exist, namely the hammer archon, owl archon, sword archon, throne archon, and warden archon. However, they have not been placed in the Eberron campaign setting.

With 4th edition, the celestial archons were removed and replaced with unrelated creatures also named archons that all elemental in nature. Known 4th-edition archons include air, earth, fire, magma, storm, and water. While these elemental archons have been mentioned in 4th-edition Eberron, they are placed on the Material Plane and not on Shavarath.

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