Arcanix is an institute of arcane stuidies located on the shores of Lake Galifar in the nation of Aundair. Many of the greatest wizards of Galifar learned their craft within the Floating Towers of Arcanix.

This village lies directly beneath the floating towers. The residents of Arcanix owe their livelihoods to the Arcane Congress, from the innkeeper who boards the parents of would-be wizards during the Autumn Entrance Examinations to the stablemaster responsible for exercising the steeds—both mundane and exotic—of some Arcane Congress spellcasters.

Most of the important wizards and sorcerers of the Arcane Congress live in the floating towers themselves, but a few reside in Arcanix. Raulo ir’Trannick is the lord mayor of Arcanix and a member of the Arcane Congress.

Arcanix is also home to the Tower of Alchemy, one of the Five Nations’ premier colleges for the alchemical arts. Arcanix’s unique position makes it one of the Five Nations’ most magically aware places. Many of the residents are downright blasé about powerful arcane magic, while others take great delight in the astonishment on visitors’ faces when a carpet of flying alights on the town square or an aged wizard turns into a glorious dragon and flies away. Many of its sages specialize in ritual magic and abstract theory.

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