Dragon Magazine 341-46
Arcane Upgrade: Warforged Magic Items
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #341
Date March 2005
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author John Polojac
Illustrator Kalman Andrasofszky
Pages 46-50
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)

The race of warforged are living constructs, their bodies composed of an arcane melding of magically animated ceramic, steel, pewter, and wood. Members of the race have the unique ability to incorporate magic devices and weapons into themselves. These bonded items, known as warforged components, may be attached to the bodies of warforged characters or embedded within the warforged's frame.

Any character capable of creating a magic item can make the same magic item as a warforged component, and any warforged character capable of using a magic item can use the same item as a warforged component. Warforged components use the special rules presented on page 268 of the Eberron Campaign Setting and summarized here.

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