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Arcadian avengers are winged warriors native to the plane of Daanvi. They frequently travel to Shavarath, where they fight against the demons and devils trying to conquer that plane. Arcadian avengers have been known to travel to Eberron, where they hunt down the chaotic creatures of the Demon Wastes. Some have even been known to remain on Khorvaire, where more than one was seen participating in the Last War.[1]


Arcadian avengers appear as angelic females, with angular features and bright metallic silver skin. They possess metallic razor-sharp wings, and usually wield two swords just as sharp. While they are not constructs, arcadian avengers all resemble each other.[1]


Arcadian avengers fight on the side of order, and see themselves as a pure force of law. They fight free of hesitation, doubt, or even remorse, and may even come into conflict with good creatures that have broken the law. They approach combat in a methodical, detached way, weighing each foe's strengths and weaknesses before attacking.[1]


Besides their weaponry, armored skin, and power of flight, arcadian avengers can also invoke the power of law, which allows them to strike true when fighting with their blades. Arcadian avengers also possess darkvision.[1]


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