Aquatic elves or sea elves are a race of elves that have fully adapted to life underwater.[1] They are believed to exist in the waters of the Thunder Sea not far from Xen'drik.[2]

History Edit

Aquatic elves are believed to be an offshoot of the elves who fled to Aerenal during the Age of Giants. They are hunted by the sea devils.[3]

Appearance & Personality Edit

Aquatic elves are thin and have long, pointed ears as other elves. Their skin ranges from light blue to dark green. Their eyes are striking, with odd and distinctive coloration. They have webbed hands and feet as well as gills to suite their aquatic environment.[2]

Aquatic elves are mistrustful of strangers, but will work even with those from the surface who win their trust.[2]

Abilities Edit

Aquatic elves are elves who have adapted to living underwater. As such they have gills that allow them breathe under the ocean, and can survive on the surface for a limited period of time before suffocating. As normal elves they do not sleep, and are resistant to enchantment magic.[2]

Aquatic elves favor a specialized longbow they have developed for firing underwater, called the aquatic longbow.[2]

Society Edit

Aquatic elves are a very private people. Their settlements are relatively small and are typically obscured from outsiders by magic and mundane means.[2]

Lands Edit

Aquatic elves are believed to exist in the Thunder Sea along the coasts of Xen'drik.[3]

Aquatic elves favor coral caverns and the bottoms of lagoons as locations to establish settlements.[2]

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Keith Baker has mentioned on his website that his original proposal for Eberron included sahuagin and the merfolk as major races of the seas of Eberron, with a smaller presence of the aquatic elves around Aerenal. The aquatic elves would be an offshoot of the elves of Aerenal, who decided to colonize the ocean around Aerenal some 10,000 years ago and underwent mystic rituals to survive underwater. In this proposal there would be an integrated population of sahuagin among the aquatic elves as well, all under the rule of the surface elves of Aerenal. Aquatic elves would be followers of the Undying Court like the Aereni elves.[4]


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