Alchemical Atomizer
4th edition rules
Type Embedded
Category Basic
Rarity Uncommon
Slot Hands
Level 8 3,400 gp
Source Dragon Magazine issue #385

The alchemical atomizer is an embedded storage chamber that can be installed within the hands of a warforged. This atomizer stores an alchemical solution that can be infused into the weapon of the warforged when it attacks.[1]

4th Edition MechanicsEdit

A warforged can stow one alchemical item that can be applied to a weapon (such as alchemical silver or inferno oil) within the alchemical atomizer. As a Free Action, as part of an attack, the warforged can use the alchemical item stowed in the alchemical atomizer on the weapon being held. This consumes the item as usual.[1]


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