The Age of Monsters In Eberron refers to the span of time from about 38,000 years before the present day to about 5,000 years before the present day. It followed the Age of Giants, and gave way to the Current Age in Eberron's timeline. This age was primarily marked by the ascent of the goblinoid kingdoms, which eventually formed the great Empire of Dhakaan on Khorvaire. New traditions also arose elsewhere, with the founding of the Undying Court by the elves of Aerenal, the rise of the Gatekeeper druids among the orcs of Khorvaire, and migration of the dwarves to Khorvaire from the Frostfell. The Age of Monsters was considered to have come to an end as a result of the Daelkyr War and the subsequent collapse of the Dhakaani Empire.[1]

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