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Adar is the mountainous region in southeast of Sarlona. It is inhabited mostly by humans (including the kalashtar), though there is a prominent contingent of blue dragons on the uppermost peaks.[1]

To its inhabitants, Adar is mostly known as a refuge from the dictatorship of Riedra, and many of its residents can trace their lineage to refugees and dissidents of the Riedran state. To this day, Riedra considers Adar a danger to its enforced stability, and regularly sends troops to attack the borders of the region.[1]

Though there is no formal government, the communities among the mountains pay respect and generally listen to the counsel of the Speaker of the Word,[1] a spiritual position currently held by Chanaakar.[2]

No magic exists that cannot be found in the mortal soul. Those who traffic with forces outside themselves—celestial, draconic, or fiendish—are fools. The mortal soul holds within it all potential. As mortals we are the masters of creation, not just actors on its stage.
— Chanaakar, Speaker of the Word[3]


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