Abraxis wren
Abraxis Wren is an Inquisitive and the protagonist of two novels and a two part comic book series. He was created by author Paul Crilley. Wren was the protagonist in Night of the Long ShadowsTaint of the Black Brigade, Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons #1 and #2.

Wren was once married. His ex-wife Lyra d'Medani agreed to several dangerous missions, while she was pregnant. The last of them resulted in her capture and the loss of their unborn child, due to an infection resulting from her injuries. After the War was over, she was released. When Wren found out that she had lost the baby, he walked away from her and House Medani. The House understood the reason for his leaving and did not officially kick him out of the house.

He now lives in Sharn where he works as a freelance Inquisitive with his closest friend, the dwarf Torin.

He is referenced in the novel The Darkwood Mask.


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