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Aasimars are the descendants of humans and celestial bloodlines, and are rare on the world of Eberron. They live in the same communities as other races, and can have a wide array of looks, depending on their ancestor's race.[3][1]


An aasimar is a child of a human and a race of celestial bloodline. Their ancestors can be one of a multitude of races from one of many planes. Known celestial-blooded races that have produced aasimar include angels from Syrania, archons from Irian and Shavarath, eladrins from Fernia and Thelanis, and guardinals from Lamannia.[3] Aasimars have been found on both the continents of Khorvaire and Sarlona.[4]


Aasimars possess some abilities due to their origin. They have darkvision; they can resist acid, cold, and electricity; and they can generate daylight at will. Occasionally, an aasimar may be born with feathery wings, not unlike an angel.[1]

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Alternatively, an aasimar may gain their divine heritage through one of the faiths of Eberron, including the Silver Flame, Sovereign Host, Blood of Vol, and Undying Court.[5]

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