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A Few Good Gnolls was the eighth adventure released for the Blackwheel Company Faction Adventure to be run as part of the Xen'drik Expeditions campaign.



The adventure opens with the PCs relaxing at a tavern on The Glory Road. From outside, a massive explosion is heard. Rushing outside, they are met with Quartermaster Gridd, who recognizes the building as an undercover Arclight skunkworks building. Without waiting for orders, he presses the PCs into service, giving them control of an airship and ordering them to investigate while he goes through the chain of command.

Part One[]

Inside Job: The PCs investigate the site of the Arclight lab; they discover some evidence suggesting that the Arclight members here were working on the Ek Tlelwot armageddon device. They They find that the two pieces of the device previously held by Blackwheel are missing. More distressing, it's clear from the evidence that the bombing was prepared methodically, with the bombs placed inside the building.

Dragonmarked Involvement: During their investigation, a dragonmarked warlock arrives on the scene to ensure no evidence remained after the blast. Though she retreats as quickly as possible, she inadvertently provides additional clues to the crime. The PCs are able to piece a trail together leading them to a nearby Cabal safehouse, from which the operation was conducted.

Cabal Safehouse: The PCs find a Cabal safehouse practically across the square from the covert Arclight laboratory. A quick casing of the joint reveals that the number of Cabalists in the safehouse would quickly outnumber them if they use the "gnoll" approach. Luckily for them, the Cabalists are preparing to flee the scene, and are disorganized, so several other options are available to them. Once inside, the PCs discover evidence clearly implicating General Mach Ogdin; General Tubald d'Cannith is implicated, as well.

The Old Dwarf: With their trail run dry, the PCs must return to The Glory Road and report. With evidence implicating individuals as high in the chain of command as General Ogdin, the PCs' best option is to present to Mace himself. He gives them orders to steal an airship from The Glory Road and pilot to Ek Tlelwot to stop the Cabalists' plan to set off the Ek Tlelwot device.

Part Two[]

Back to Ek Tlelwot: The PCs arrive in Ek Tlelwot and find the entrance to the Temple of End Days, where the Cabalists, along with a contingent of Blackwheel guards, have started the ritual to bring about armageddon.

Exploring the Temple of End Days: Although the Cabalists have been through the temple, they could not disable all of its traps. The PCs must navigate several environmental hazards and ancient foes to proceed deeper into the temple.

End Days: The PCs reach the final chamber of the temple and interrupt the Cabalists' ceremony—they must stop the ceremony from concluding before he Ek Tlelwot device's power is unleashed.



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